Friday, January 28, 2011

Accessibility in the Shower

Dear Shampoo Maker,

I don't wear my glasses in shower. (Who does?!)

Why are the most important words—shampoo, and conditioner—in a tiny font and all caps?!!!

And both bottles the same shape?

I'm super annoyed when I squirt out conditioner when I wanted shampoo.

Branding is important, but once I pick your product off the shelf at the grocery store I'm no longer interested in your company name.

I'll think much more highly of you if I have a good experience with your product.

It's all about usability. Do your homework. Know your audience. Make life accessible.

Please make the word Shampoo big and in a lowercase font.

And, bonus points (my loyalty) for making the bottles different shapes.

Thank you,

A baby boomer with reading glasses (and money to spend on hair care products)