Friday, January 28, 2011

Accessibility in the Shower

Dear Shampoo Maker,

I don't wear my glasses in shower. (Who does?!)

Why are the most important words—shampoo, and conditioner—in a tiny font and all caps?!!!

And both bottles the same shape?

I'm super annoyed when I squirt out conditioner when I wanted shampoo.

Branding is important, but once I pick your product off the shelf at the grocery store I'm no longer interested in your company name.

I'll think much more highly of you if I have a good experience with your product.

It's all about usability. Do your homework. Know your audience. Make life accessible.

Please make the word Shampoo big and in a lowercase font.

And, bonus points (my loyalty) for making the bottles different shapes.

Thank you,

A baby boomer with reading glasses (and money to spend on hair care products)


  1. That's so true! Why do they do put it so small? I just found out McKinley has been using shampoo twice, rather than shampoo then conditioner. She told me grabbed the wrong bottle from our bathroom because she couldn't see where it said "conditioner" on it. After fighting tangles for a week I finally figured it out. How silly that the companies haven't all figured that obvious problem out before now? But of course, Ellen did! ;)


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