Sunday, July 1, 2012

I love murals: Building the City

You're at 12th and Moravian and this is "Building the City" on the side of the Beasley historic building. It's a tribute to the Philadelphia architecture and art.

Building the City

The owner and his daughter are looking at the plans and looking out over the horizon and into the future. Michael Webb is the artist and can be seen sitting on the steps sketching. He wanted to include sculptures, familiar in the city.

William Penn's head is on the left and his feet and shins in the foundry on the left wall perpendicular to the main mural. Sculptures from Logan Square Fountain and civil war memorial figures

William Penn's head for the sculpture atop City Hall, with feet and shins in background.


Logan Square fountain sculpture

Civil war memorial


Michael Webb: "The artist helps the world by taking truths and giving them form, so they can seen and affirm the best of the world."


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