Saturday, May 28, 2011

Urban knitting, yarn bombing is street art

My fascination with urban art continues...I have this mix of emotions, though.

I love it! Something that drives an artist to create beauty, where all can enjoy, in their own way, with their own medium.

I hate it! It's graffiti. It will become old and shabby. Someone will have to clean it up.

Inoffensive, pleasant, free, art, cool, beautiful, fun, cozy, grandma, handmade, benign, adorable.

Guerilla, a huge waste, yarn bombing, vandalism, littering, time-wasting.

"A global phenomenon."

"The street is the extension of the art gallery."

"A moment in pop culture."

"Retro handcrafted cheeriness."

Toyota hired Magda Sayeg to knit a Prius a Christmas sweater last year for a promotional video. [Must-see video]

"Captain hook" dresses this L.A. bear over and over.

But why?

Why dress a bear, a tree, a pole, a pothole?

Some want to add a feminine touch to the world, some love the unseen interaction with people; "it puts a smile on faces", softens our man-made world with woman-made stuff, makes a statement.

Why not!!!!

Watch for June 11 - International Yarn Bombing Day


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