Sunday, October 14, 2012

I love murals: David Guinn

Several of the murals on the Mural Mile tour are by David Guinn.

Springtime, 13th and Pine

I love the pixelated effects. Shapes of color help blend the colors from afar, but make the painting easier.

"The concept is very simple...extend the flowering trees that are on either side of the wall across the wall." DQ

The process:
Before...initial design...after.

Close-up...just squares

Squares of color

Gimme Shelter, 1236 Lombard, on the side of the Morris Animal Refuse.

"A big backyard, with all these pets waiting for you to come home" DQ

All the pets are real people's pets, with names, the artist came to know.

Gimme Shelter

Circles this time


Crystal Snowscape, 10th and Bainbridge

"I wanted to create the relationship of the surrounding neighborhood with mural...something that would resonate with the neighbors." DQ

The artist says he is the skier in the center, moving toward the light of his art and a bright future of a mural artist.

Crystal Snowscape (pieced photo)

Love the shapes


 Autumn, 9th and Bainbridge (now gone), built over after a long community fight to save it.

"The feeling of hikes in the fall...completely out of my imagination." The residents loved the trees in the city where trees are scarce.

Townhouse imperils Autumn mural
Farewell Autumn
Bella Vista neighbors work to prevent development
Autumn's final days




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