Friday, October 5, 2012

I love murals: Philadelphia Muses

The Philadelphia Muses can be found at 13th and Locust, a block away from the Avenue of the Arts. Each of the nine classical Greek muses of the arts is represented. The Arts machine is shown at bottom right.

This is one of the largest murals in Philadelphia and was created with special fabric called Parachute cloth and is similar to a dryer sheet. The panels can be painted at a table, indoors, all year-round so more people can participate than in the days of scaffolding and painting directly on the wall. The cloth is adhered to the wall with an acrylic gel.

Each figure was modeled after a real Philadelphian:
The woman in the center is the Director of Marketing at the Opera Company,
the man at left works at the Philadelphia orchestra.

Artist Meg Saligman, "A mural is a piece of artwork that is integral with its surrounding architecture."

My favorite part

Woman in green dress is the muse of Performance. The woman in the globe is the muse of Spirit.

Man in the coat is the muse of Word, and the dancer in front is the muse of Movement

See how vibrant the colors were when it was new.

More here:
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

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